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When Vanessa was born, her parents sent out birth annoucement that read "Here she is, Miss America" and on September 17, 1983 she became the first black woman to be crowned "Miss America".

The unsolved mystery: Vanessa´s eye color!!! :-)
Are they blue or are they green? I say they are both, 80% blue and 20% green, you can also call it "aqua" or "caribean-blue". Of course I have proof for my point, click HERE to see a close-up on V´s eyes and tell me what see. Yes her color changes depending on the eye make-up (style and color) she has or on her clothes (color) or on the light (colored, direct, non-direct), and a few more factors. Bilateral eye colors have a tendency to chance and to look different depending on outside factors, here on the picture on top of this page her eyes look very dark. Versatility should be Vanessa´s middle name, you can find it so often, in her music, in her films, in her style and in her eyes! :-)

On her promotion tour for the Comfort Zone album in Germany (August ´91), she had an interview for a german TV show. One of the questions that I can remember very well - because of her answer - is this one:

Question: What do you think about being a sex-symbol?
Oh well, I´m happy how my parents´ genes have worked out.

I think this was a very smart and original answer to a silly question.

Vanessa has played two roles that the legendary Chita Rivera has originated, Rosie Alvarez in Bye Bye Birdie and Aurora in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

After Arnold´s wife Maria suggested Vanessa for Eraser (read HERE more), she said this "Arnold was after Vanessa for years, and I wanted to give him finally the chance to be with her together" - sure only in a kidding way.

Good old Arnold lent Vanessa his private jet so that she could sing the National Anthem at the ´96 SuperBowl.

At the Eraser premiere, Vanessa smoked a cuban cigar (a Cohiba for all that are interested) and after the premiere the border-patrol of New Mexico came down on her and asked her where she got the cigar from...cuban products are illegal in the USA. (HERE are pictures from the premiere)

Less funny than lucky: At the ´98 Grammy Awards, Vanessa presented an award with comedian/actor Chris Rock. They´ve had these stage walls that move out of the floor up to 20 or 30 feet and when Vanessa and Chris came out, Vanessa unintentionally hit this wall as it was on its way up. But "THANK GOD" nothing seriously happend to Vanessa or her dress, I´m quite sure that she was pretty frightened about this, but she handled the presentation like a real pro. Quite interesting was how aware the audience was, right as it happened you could here the VERY loud "Ohhhh!!!", that sounded really worried.

Vanessa was "forced" to use the inital of her middle name to be able to work as an actress because the "Screen Actors Guild" (SAG) was too dumb to handle two people with the same name. The other VW claimed that she´s better known and that she signed first at the SAG...and so she thought that she the solo rights for the name - too bad that there people that can see but are still blind. Later in ´98 the SAG decided that its possible to have more actors/actresses with the same name registered - so Soul Food and Dance with me are the only movies where she had to use the "L.".
Here´s what she said about this "incident":
(Source: "20 Questions for Vanessa Williams" - Playboy April ´97)

Question: Critics have sometimes confused you with the other actress named Vanessa Williams, who has had roles in New Jack City and on Melrose Place. Is this the equivalent of having an evil twin who is out there getting reviews for work you haven't done?

Vanessa: I've never met her, though I have known about her since high school, when we both got accepted to NYU. When I called to see if I had been accepted, the admissions office said, "Which Vanessa Williams are you?" I said, " Vanessa L. Williams." They said that they had a Vanessa Williams from Brooklyn. I was from Westchester. So I knew there was somebody of the same age, who was an actress. And then when I did a Macy's parade as Miss America in 1983, she got my check-but she returned it. Is it like having an evil twin? Well, she made a catty remark in her bio when she was on Broadway in "Sarafina!" It was basically, "I'm the real, legitimate actress on Broadway." My mom went to see it and was not pleased. I said, "Mom, it's just a matter of time before I'm on Broadway."

By the way there were cattier remarks from the other VW than just this one, but stuff like this doesn´t belong on this place.

Vanessa listens to Busta Rhymes in dressing room before going out to perform, she says Busta's music is infectious and pumps her up for her own show.

Vanessa was not only the first black woman being crowned as Miss America, she is also the first black woman being a spokesperson for L´Oreal cosmetics.

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