The Courage To Love

Drama, TV movie (Lifetime TV)

Vanessa Williams as Henriette Delille, Diahann Carroll

Produced by:
Vanessa Williams (Executive Producer)

Directed by:
Kari Skogland

Filming started in August ´99 in Toronto, Canada, and was scheduled to last 2 months
First aired on January 24th, 2000, on Lifetime (USA)

Vanessa´s appearance:
Vanessa has scenes through the whole 2 hour long movie.

What´s special about this one:
This is Vanessa´s first time that she is working as an actress AND executive producer on a film.

Vanessa's kids are seen briefly in the movie, as is her brother and her mother.

The title was changed from "Quadroon Ball" to "The Courage To Love".

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Henriette Delille, a free woman of color, was born in 1813 into one of New Orleans' most prominent families. Her family assumed she would follow her mother and sister's footsteps and become a mistress for a wealthy white man. However, Henriette had different plans for her life.

She realized her calling was to assist the sick and the dying, regardless of their race--a controversial decision in race-charged New Orleans. In 1842, she co-founded the Sisters of the Holy Family, a group of Catholic nuns dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Though Henriette died in 1862 the work of the Sisters of the Holy Family continues today.


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